Lorna’s spiritual journey began early in life. From a young age she has been aware of the healing power of touch and the importance of mindful living through the guidance of her beautiful Parents and Grandparents. Lorna learned Transcendental Meditation through the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi School in 1987, and since then her life journey has taken her through many amazing and beautiful experiences, as well as periods of growth and healing through challenging life experiences and profound loss, which have lead her ever deeper into her calling.

Influenced and inspired by amazing journeys to her Beloved India in 2007, 2012 and 2014, Lorna feels that her inherent belief that everything is connected, that we are all One on this Great Journey we call Life, has been confirmed. She has been blessed to have spent time in The Sacred River Ganges and the Holy Temples of Varanasi, visiting the Western Tantric Temples of Khajuraho in Orchha and bathing in the wonderful energy of Her Holiness, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi ~ known as Amma the Hugging Saint ~ at her Ashram in Kollam, Kerela, South India and also receiving the beautiful Puja blessings from the Brahmans there.

In her capacity as a Heart Centred Holistic Bodyworker and indeed a modern Loveworker, Lorna believes in sharing her life experience. Bringing this forward in a vibration of loving, nurturing, healing energy she enables her client to feel fully safe and supported throughout their healing sessions. With a lifetime of experience in conscious spiritual practices, her ability to intuitively weave and merge together many of the techniques she has learned including Meditation, Reiki, Massage, Reflexology and aspects of Shamanism and Sacred Healing Massage allows her to recognise and help fulfil her client’s individual needs as they embark upon their own healing journey.

Having been described as a Loveworker, Goddess, Wayshower, Catalyst and Muse, Lorna works with people from all walks of life, helping them to empower themselves and look after their own wellbeing.

She has supported a comprehensive range of clients, including helping those suffering as a result of cancer, stress, bereavement, HIV/aids, behavioural problems, various abuse issues and addictions.

Lorna was attuned to the 1st Degree of Usui Reiki by Kate & Alec Jones in 1997, and then to the 2nd degree of Usui Reiki by Moira Withers in 1998. Lorna continued her learning with Moira to Master Teacher level of Usui/Tibetan Reiki in 2002. She was later attuned to Karuna Reiki by William Lee Rand within the Stonehenge standing stone circle in Glastonbury in 2005.

Throughout this period Lorna was also qualifying in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Crystal Healing and a number of other sacred healing modalities which she offers to clients to this day.

Her spiritual and holistic development continued with teachings from many beautiful teachers including, the Late Dr. Deborah Taj Anapol, Triambika Ma Vive, Lynn Paterson and also Baba Dez Nichols from Sadona. Lorna was taught further aspects of Tantra and Shamanic and healing practices by other teachers including Vesco Bondov. Other teachers under whom Lorna has been privileged to study a wide range of practices include the Late Diana Krass (Transendental Meditation Teacher), Zaria et an Cullen (Crystal Teacher), Kiannaa T. Leighland (Raindrop Technique), and Ronnie Allan (School of Slavic Massage/Fragrant Studies International Ltd.). Lorna has also received the Diamond Light Initiations and activation Rites ( Sun, Foundation, Moon, Diamond and Stars Heart Activations) with Jennifer Starlight of the Invisible College, Austalia when she was here in Scotland. Lorna is also a qualified Branching Out Leader, taking her training in 2015 with Forestry Commission Scotland.

Lorna became aware of William Lee Rand introducing the Usui/Holy Fire Reiki in 2014 and felt drawn to this new vibration immediately. After careful consideration and many synchronistic events, Lorna received her ignitions to Usui/Holy Fire Reiki in 2015 here in her home in Glasgow with teacher Sam Goddard who flew up from Devon specifically ~ Interesting experiences and happenings only further confirmed that this was absolutely the right time and place to bring forward the Usui/Holy Fire teachings.... Blessings indeed.

“I know that I have always walked a peaceful path... many many times over the years I have been asked if I am Buddhist... my answer was always that I couldn’t be that disciplined.

Synchronistic events in 2011 led me to the honour of meeting Lama Khemsar Rinpoche. I was invited to spend a few days with Rinpoche in Avebury and was gifted the Dzogchen Ngondro Foundation Teachings of Tibet’s Yungdrung Bon Tradition, the Ancient Native Buddhism of Tibet originating from Zhang-Zhung Shambala whose History can be traced back to 18,000 years. This gave me many gifts including the greater awareness of this precious birth. I know that my life experiences have given me much Courage and Strength... some thought I would lose my faith in the Great Mystery after my Son Jonathan passed to Spirit in 2008 and my daughter Rachael had a 4 year recovery from the car accident she survived... this family tragedy served to help me understand even further that we are all divinely connected. I truly believe that all we need is Love and that we are supported by this incredible Universe that we call Home. I have been told that I act as a catalyst and wayshower and I will continue to do this to the best of my ability. I believe that the energy we currently call Reiki has always been with us and is ultimately a vibration of Love... the love that is all around us and within us... I will continue to promote Love, Nurture and Peaceful ways at every opportunity. I feel that there is a hunger for circles of love... with a willingness to learn and share..... I am blessed in this life to love what I do and do what I love. Everything leads us here... to this moment - all we need is Love.

Namaste, Lorna x