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Usui/Holy Fire 11 Reiki
'The secret art of inviting happiness, the miraculous medicine of all diseases...'

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese word for which there is no word in English - the nearest translation is 'universal life energy'. This energy was brought back to our attention by Dr. Mikao Usui and was developed as a therapy in the early 20th Century.

An Empowered, spiritual and holistic way of Living. Reiki has a deeply relaxing and profoundly calming effect, and if you have felt the benefits of just one reiki session, imagine how it would feel to have Reiki on tap for yourself continually in you Life. Reiki has no religious affiliation, therefore is suitable for every Being.

Reiki is a safe, natural and holistic way of treating dis-ease within the mind, body an spirit. Reiki is a healing energy in the truest sense. Reiki is a gentle energy which can promote balance and harmony within and around the body.

As a holistic treatment and way of life it is ideal for use alongside orthodox health care and assists in developing a healthier and more resourceful state of being.

Lorna says ~ "I was drawn to Reiki in 1996 an have been continually inspired ever since. Reiki is the perfect divine connection to help you in this journey called Life. I invite you to Change your Life by gifting yourself deeper awareness of what has always been yours ~ a new Empowered way of Being through this Divine Connection we call Reiki.

The heart centred work that I offer is mainly in the field of reiki energy and holistic bodywork, and teaching small workshops and groups. Many women, men and also children are attracted to my energy and that may be to talk, or for deeper work and healing to take place or for training. I also host an Annual Reiki Gathering and Monthly shares in Glasgow to which anyone is welcome whether they are Reiki Attuned or have a desire to know something about Reiki.

It interests me that this life draws interesting parallels with possible previous lives and I know that I am manifesting and accomplishing my Divine purpose on this Beautiful Earth.

I know that I have always walked a peaceful path... many many times over the years I have been asked if I am Buddhist... my answer was always that I couldn't be that disciplined, and yet I feel deeply connected to so many Eastern ways. A few years ago I spent a few days with Lama Khemsar Rinpoche which brought back to me a greater awareness of this Precious Birth. I know that my life experiences have given me huge Courage and Strength... some thought I would lose my faith in the Great Mystery after my Son Jonathan went Spriit side on 2008 and my daughter Rachael had a 4 year recovery from the car accident she survived... this family tragedy served to help me understand even further that we are all divinely connected and I truly believe that all we need is Love and that we are supported by this incredible Universe that we call Home. I have been told that I act as a catalyst and wayshower, helping to Empower and Awaken others. I will continue to do this to the best of my ability. I believe that the energy we currently call Reiki has always been with us and is ultimately a vibration of Love... the love that is all around us and within us... I will continue to promote Love, Compassion, Nurture and Peaceful ways at every opportunity. I feel that there is a hunger for circles of us coming together with a willingness to learn and share.....I am blessed in this life to love what I do and do what I love ?

Everything is Divinely Connected, Everything leads us to Here... to this Moment...

all we need is Love ~ Namaste" Lorna


Lorna's Reiki 2nd Degree and Master Lineage ~

Dr. Mikao Usui
Kan'ichi Taketomi
Hiroshi Doi
William Lee Rand
John Moore
Moria Withers
Lorna McLean
(for information ~ William Lee Rand has also been attuned by many teachers bringing in much information from both East and West teachings. His full Lineage can be found on his website

Lorna's Reiki 1st Degree Lineage ~

Dr. Mikao Usui
Dr. Chujiro Hayashi
Hawayo Takata
Wanja Twan
Martha Sylvester
Kate & Alec Jones
Lorna Mclean

Lorna feels that her Lineage is a very Beautiful Gift, weaving through Teachers from both the East and West ~ Receiving her 1st degree attunement in 1997 from Kate and Alex Jones and her second degree attunement from Moira Withers. (Moira also did her 1st degree with Kate and Alex Jones ~ bringing the two neatly together) The style of Reiki that Lorna teaches is a combination of Japanese and Western methods. Lorna has been teaching all levels of Usui Reiki regularly since 2002. Her easy, open, joyful teaching ways are full of so much Love and Compassion ~ the special time you share together will leave you feeling truly empowered and awake to this gift of Life. (William Lee Rand has been taught by many teachers including Hiroshi Doi. These teachers all link back beautifully to Dr. Usui, through east and west teachers. William Lee Rand is also Lorna's direct Karuna Reiki Teacher ~ see Karuna Reiki page information.)

In 2014 William Lee Rand received guidance and brought forward Usui Holy Fire Reiki and Karuna Holy Fire Reiki. Very quickly there was additional information gained by him which he shared with us and so it is now called Usui Holy Fire 11 Reiki and Karuna Holy Fire 11 Reiki. For more information please see this article from his website ~

Reiki Workshops are available to Every One, from 1st Degree through to Master Teacher. All classes are certificated and each has a course manual. Lorna is often asked how long should be given between courses. Lorna feels that this is very much your choice, and you will know when the time is right. There are no time restrictions between classes and if you wish to discuss deeper with Lorna please contact her. Any One from any Lineage is welcome to learn with Lorna.

1st Degree Usui/Holy Fire Reiki ~ An absolute Gift to yourself as you begin your Reiki Journey. The first degree level will attune you directly to Reiki (universal life force energy) .This will enable you to give yourself the healing energy of Reiki, helping you to empower yourself to live your best Life, helping you manage stress, better sleep, pain management, low mood and day to day living. You can also offer Reiki to your family & friends, animals, plants, food and water. The class will include information about Reiki, an attunement to Reiki energy, hand positions for self healing treatment & healing treatment of others, practice, meditation, sharing, questions and answers. Warmth, Joy and So Much Love.

2nd Degree Usui/Holy Fire Reiki ~ Moving deeper into this wonderful Reiki journey, we will review your journey so far and you will be attuned to the 2nd Degree level of Usui Reiki and be shown different ways of working with 3 Reiki Symbols you will be gifted. One to help Empower Your Life, One to help with our mind and emotions and the third to send Positive Healing Distance Reiki to people, animals, situations and places when you are not currently with them. You will learn how to send to our beautiful planet ~ Mother Earth is in much need at this time. You will learn more about protection for yourself and the environment you live in. Cleansing techniques to create a Sacred Space to live and work in. Sacred Healing Breath Techniques. Also helping you manifest goals and an abundance of good things. The 2nd Degree training will truly enhance your Reiki abilities, helping you to empower yourself in all areas of your life. This training will also allow you take it further afield if you choose to bring it into your business life. You will be attuned to the 2nd Degree level of Usui Reiki and you will be shown different ways of working with the 3 Reiki Symbols including how to send Distance Reiki. Learning the Reiki Principles in Japanese. The 2nd Degree training will truly enhance your Reiki abilities, helping you to empower yourself in all areas of your life.This training will also allow you take it further afield if you choose to. You will grow your Love and Compassion for yourself and others. You will grow your passion and love for reiki and for this Precious Life. You will be attuned to the 2nd Degree level of Usui Reiki and you will practice different ways of working with the 3 Reiki Symbols. The 2nd Degree training will truly enhance your Reiki abilities, helping you to empower yourself in all areas of your life.

Advanced Reiki Techniques, Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioner ~ This will be a powerful day where we will review your journey so far and you will learn more new skills which can be utilised to help you empower your own personal, spiritual and intuitive development, as well as for working with others at a deeper level. Time permitting, the day will include taking part in, and information on the following:- Smudging, Discuss the ancient origins of Reiki, The Gift of the Usui Master Symbol and Mantra, Attunement to the Usui Master Symbol which enhances the effectiveness of the 2nd degree symbols, and can be used for healing. A Moving Master Meditation, Reiki meditation that strengthens the mind and expands the consciousness. Reiki to help solve problems and manifest goals, improve confidence. The use of crystals with Reiki, Use of the Peace Grid. How to make a Reiki grid that will continue to send Reiki to yourself and others after it is charged, Aura Cleansing (also known as Reiki Psychic Surgery)' a powerful technique to locate, identify and remove blockages of unwanted energy from yourself and others and send it to the light, A guided meditation that introduces you to your Reiki guides from whom you receive healing and information. A realisation that you are developing you Compassionate nature....Deeper and Deeper.

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher ~ A two day course ~ Both days will be extremely powerful and the training gives knowledge and attunement required for the Master Teacher level of Usui/Holy Fire Reiki. We will review your journey so far,, then moving forward, this level is very beneficial in helping to empower yourself in your own personal and spiritual development but it will also enable you to attune and teach others to all levels of Usui Reiki, helping them to empower themselves and help others. Time permitting the content will include the following... The Holy Fire symbol (for a total of five symbols including the 4 Usui Symbols you will already have). Complete Reiki 111 Usui/Holy Fire Master Ignitions., Meditations ~ taken from the Taoist Microcosmic Orbit ~ to open the chakras and create a clear pathway for higher frequency energies as they are brought into your system. You will be shown and practice the process of giving attunements and Ignitions to all levels of Usui/Holy Fire Reiki... You will learn how to guide the Holy Fire Experiences. Information on attunements for Usui Reiki and other methods of attunement. You will also be practicing how to give a healing empowerment... this is a very beautiful and powerful way to remove blocks and offer healing on all levels. This empowerment does not initiate a person into Reiki and can therefore be given to anyone in treatment sessions. The training will be intensive, and full of interest for your own personal growth, allowing deeper healing with yourself and others, with the ability to pass on this wonderful gift.

Would you like to refresh your current Reiki skills ~

Existing Students of Lorna ~ If you have already learned an Usui/Tibetan class with Lorna and wish to receive the Usui/Holy Fire Reiki you are welcome to attend, resit and refresh the 1st and 2nd degree classes for half the normal class fee. If you wish to resit ART Reiki Master Practitioner and Master Teacher to receive the Usui/Holy Fire Reiki experiences, pre-ignition, Ignitions and all that goes with it, you are welcome to take the class again at the reduced rate of half the normal price. New updated manuals are also available to purchase if you wish them.
If you have trained as Master Teacher with Lorna and wish to shadow, receive mentoring and refresh your skills the exchange is also half the normal class fee.

If you have learned any style of Reiki with another Reiki Teacher ~ If you feel drawn to learn any level with Lorna that you have already taken with another teacher, you are most welcome to receive the Usui/Holy Fire Reiki classes with Lorna and of course move forward to the next level if you so choose. Any classes, (1st, 2nd, ART, Teacher, Karuna) you have already taken with another teacher are offered to you at a discounted rate, plus the additional costs of the new manuals. Normal class prices apply for all other classes you have not already taken.

There are regular Reiki Shares and Reiki Gatherings ~ Open to Every One ~ whether you are currently Reiki Attuned or not.

Children's Reiki Class is also offered. Lorna has Enhanced Disclosure (Scotland) for working with youth and children. (see Reiki with Children information page)

Book Your Reiki Workshop

For class Information or to Book, please contact Lorna on 07951 664846
1st Degree - £130
2nd Degree - £150
Advanced Reiki Techniques Master Practitioner level - £200
Master Teacher - £400
1st Degree Children's Reiki Workshop (age 4 - 13) - £80
1st Degree Teenager Reiki Workshop (age 11- 16) - £80

Additional copies of Wm. Lee Rands 1st & 2nd Degree Manual is available from Lorna for £20
Additional copies of Wm. Lee Rands ART/Master Teacher Manual is available from Lorna for £20

Resit Classes Available to Existing Students and Students of other Teachers.
Discretionary discounts are available from time to time
Easy and Secure Options to Pay for Your Reiki Class
Payment can be made direct to Lorna's bank account, please request her details.

Payment for classes can be made via Paypal here

Contact Lorna if you want to pay by cash or cheque.

Easy payment option available by monthly direct debit can be arranged.