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This workshop is aimed at those who wish to learn more about manifesting abundance into our day in every way. I believe that most of us are looking for a way to lead a more positive life, whether this is spiritually, romantically, financially or overall quality to our life.

Lorna muses... 'To be well, happy, healthy and perhaps even wealthy, we have the ability to empower ourselves to make our life and our World a better place... this has to start here, within ourself. Be aware that by being here today, you are giving yourself an opportunity to look within, you can help empower yourself with these skills.

Know what is really important to you.
Release what no longer serves you and let it go.
Own and take responsibility this is your Life, this precious life, take control of your own destiny.
Choose knowing that your choices enables & empowers you to decide what is good for you in each situation.
Desire absolutely know what you want, what makes your heart sing?
Visualise see you dreams manifest and live them.
Be in an attitude of Gratitude be thankful and grateful for every single blessing in your life.
Bless everything all we have to do is change our mind. Be Mindful + aware of our thoughts, words & actions
Be aware that everything has an effect and will manifest!

'Every single one of us has had difficulties, miseries, obstacles, challenges on this journey called life but here we are, still here, still on our individual path. Every single part of your Journey is for a reason and brings us straight to here and now...
Bless it all give thanks for everything, good bad or indifferent.
'Notice and acknowledge every emotion that you feel, we are emotional spiritual Beings. We are here to experience every emotion, the ones we consider good; the love, joy, laughter and the ones we call negative; frustration, anger, guilt, hatred...
Feel Them all, every single one of them and ask to learn what the lesson is giving us.
'Bring yourself gently back to a lighter state of being by whatever means you can. Using positive affirmations and invocations on a daily basis can play a very important part in your life.'
To Book contact Lorna on 07951 664846

Exchange £50 (concessions available)