Elemental Space Clearing Workshop 4th May 2019

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Enhancing the energies in your Home through the Ancient Art of Sacred Space Clearing ~ Using space clearing techniques to bring the energy in your home, workspace and garden into balance to creating a Sacred and Holy space. Learn how to make your Home your Sanctuary and a Beacon of Light, your own Heaven on Earth. Lorna has worked with Sacred Space Clearing Techniques for over 20 years and has been certified by the wonderful Denise Lynn.

Lorna will share aspects of Shamanism, which have come both intuitively and from Denise Lynn and many other Shamanic teachers ~ techniques using herbs, sound, crystals, oils, invocation, intention, alters, mantra and mudra to enhance the energy in your living space, blessing and purifying your home. Space clearing can be done at any time, and at the very least , will give your home a lift. There are certain times when it is felt essential to perform the Wise and Sacred art of space clearing. Lorna will guide you through this sharing ways to create very specific Alters and Blessings.

Your home is an extension of yourself, learn how to create and enhance your own personal sacred space allowing you to live the life you love, and love the life you live.

Sacred Space clearing techniques are used to bring the energy of your home and garden into balance.

Space clearing can be done at anytime and will energise and enhance the energy. However, there are times when it is essential to perform space clearing (see below).

Moving home
After someone has been unwell
To celebrate a birth or marriage or other right of passage
Before a family gathering
After an unhappy time – an accident or argument
After a divorce or transition to spirit

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To Book contact Lorna on 07951 664846

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Space Clearing Workshop ~ Energy Exchange £50 (some concessions available)

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